So You Want To Grow Mushrooms?

I received my first mushroom book as a Christmas gift from my father in 2011.  I had then read the whole book by New Year's Day and I knew I was about to embark on a life changing journey.  I discussed it with my wife, and although we had just gotten married and she thought I was crazy, we decided to pursue a career in fungi.  This was the moment Mariaville Mushroom Men was born and also when we started our wild ride of ups and downs through learning mycology and mushroom cultivation.

After 8 years of trial and error, the word error has presented itself more times then we would like to admit.  We still are learning new techniques and methods and have developed a system for cultivation that takes out the unnecessary labor and guess work.   Mushrooms have changed how we view the natural world around us and we would like to share our love of cultivation with others around us.  This has led to our launch of our pilot mushroom cultivation co-op.

This year we are looking for a handful of people who would like to learn to grow and participate in developing a cultivation co-op.  The idea behind this program is to offer individuals a chance to immerse into a world of mushroom cultivation, while avoiding many of the mistakes we made along the way.  Whether you want to grow 20 lbs a week as a hobby or 100's of lbs a week as a new career path, we have the ability to help you grow.  

If I have sparked your interest by this point, you might be thinking, "Wow, this a great opportunity but where might I sell these mushrooms?"  There are many places to sell your mushrooms like farmers markets, small grocery stores, restaurants, etc.  But maybe you don't want to deal with this "headache".  That is another benefit of this co-op.  We can help facilitate the sale of your product for you if that is the path you want to follow.  

This cultivation co-op has endless potential for growth as the mushroom industry is booming.  This is the time to learn to cultivate mushrooms.  Come be part of the mushroom revolution and grow with us.

Interested persons can submit a resume and a summary of why they want to be a part of this co-op to