Maitake Mushroom Sawdust Spawn Kit



Grifola frondosa

This mushroom, known as hen of the woods, grows in stunning cluster at the base of oak trees and resembles the feathers of a chicken at first glance. The flavor profile is a rich, bold tasting mushroom with a smokey undertone that is highly prize amongst the most high level culinary chefs. This mushroom can be a challenge to cultivate but the rewards are worth the spoils. You can inoculate stumps or near dying oak trees with this spawn and hope for years worth of harvest. Another recommendation is to sterilize small log rounds in a pressure cooker, inoculate under a sterile environment, allow grow to continue through out the next couple months, and then bury in a shady area. This method gives the possibility of a harvest within the first year. Although it is tricky to grow, once you have mastered its cultivation, you will be able to impress you family, friends and customers every fall when you have the most delicious mushrooms around.

Available as sawdust spawn and plug spawn

Also available as inoculated log rounds


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